Visiting Ypres is more than just front spotting or delving into the historical archives. Visiting Ypres also means discovering and sampling the delights the city and the surrounding area have to offer.

't Hemelryck guides you through the Land of Cockaigne without burning the miles. In this bower of fine taste, you will find all regional products together. Salt and sour, bitter and sweet, everything the Westhoek has to offer in terms of quality peccadillos.

So take your time stocking your wicker basket, for this is not going to be an easy task. Artisanal pÔtÚs with home-made pickles simbly beg a tasty Monteberg wine. If your preference goes out to fermented refreshments however, yours is a wide choice of every possible kind of local beers, with the venerable Belgian Trappists taking up pride of place. Anyone wanting to treat their tastebuds free of alcohol should definitely check out the Voormezele garden juices. For he-men with a more seasoned palate, there are no end of local genevas which are usually quite hard to find.

Gourmets too are more than amply catered for, by way of a home-made coupe of ice cream or a savoury hot waffle.

So be prepared!